The class was introduced to Palladio and Google Fusion tables recently. These are two applications used to create and digitalize maps. First we downloaded the cushman collection data onto our computers and then uploaded them onto the applications. Both Palladio and Google Fusion tables are somewhat similar but I feel that each have different features that the other does not have. I myself prefer the Google Fusion Tables just because it has an actual street view which is always more helpful because you get to see the literal street and the surroundings.

At first Dr. S guided the entire class through the process and how to use the applications and how to make a map. It took me a little while but once I got to making a map it was pretty cool. I just played around with the features but since it was my very first time working with these tools I got a little lost and confused. I started with creating a map of the United States. There was a feature on Palladio that allowed me to zoom in and listed the city and states. Each city and state was marked by a little red dot that you could click on to show the city and state. Palladio does not have a street view available so that would be the only thing I like less about it.
I also created another map using Palladio. The data that is being mapped is the edited version of the Cushman Collection. I ended up creating a map located in Italy. I played around with the features and used geocoordinates with a land view. Cities like Settimo and Cesan showed up. You can also zoom in and out for further details. Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 1.44.46 PM

The readings we did last week on spatial mapping made me question how accurate these mapping applications really were. The reading gave me the impression that when we digitalize maps, we distort them and they are no longer conveying the original message. I can kind of see that with the applications because they are not really spot on. I noticed that both maps were missing routes and were pretty vague other details and info are also missing from the maps such as alternate routes and precise directions. When making a map on palladio or google fusion maps the first step is having your data ready to upload onto the map applications. Once you upload the data into the app you have options of how you would like to create your map such as “land view” “street view” etc. You basically just play around with the layers and features until you get your desired end product of your map.