So our final for my Digital Humanities class is due today and we finally finished up the last few things needed for our final project! I had Ray, Manni, and Leslie as my group members they were the absolute best! Although we all have such hectic schedules, it was sooo very appreciated that everyone made such an effort to meet and be on time. I really enjoyed working with these particular people we had a great time and I feel we all learned so much through the process. We all kept in touch through phones/ texting and met up to work on the website together.
Our final project was to build a website using online applications that we have worked with throughout the course. My group decided to use wordpress, google fusions, and google spread sheets for our website project. We initially were going to build the website using html and coding but soon realized it was too difficult for us to do; so we ended up using wordpress which we had worked with during the beginning of the course. Our topic was to evaluate the changes in tuition costs, attendance, freshmen enrolled, room and board, and books and supplies. I learned how to make a spread sheet of datasets and how to center and format them correctly!! I also learned how to make a chart! This group project has to be one of my favorites mainly because I enjoyed creating and learning more about the topic of our rising tuition and mainly because I had a great time working with my group members.

Here is the link to our final project!!