So we are officially done with the 8th week of school and it has not been too bad so far. This week we were introduced to “Omeka” in my Digital Humanities class. It was actually pretty cool because I ended up learning a lot of new stuff from it. Basically Omeka is an online management system for online digital collections. After using it to upload images I learned so much about stuff I had no idea about before. Mainly I became more familiar with “metadata” which I was very confused about before. I found out that metadata is info such as descriptions, licensing, dates, sources, etc. While using omeka the class learned how to create collections, add meta datas, and how to create exhibits. Some parts to Omeka are still a bit fuzzy to me but I kind of get the gist of it. This class has been very interesting since we have been introduced to so many online systems and applications that I had no prior knowledge of.. It’s exciting but terrifying at the same time since I am not so tech savy. I’m sure we will be using even more online systems like this as the weeks go on in the the class.